Coopers Kingdom Rosehip, Roo & Chondroitin Meal Booster

Coopers Kingdom Rosehip, Roo & Chondroitin Meal Booster

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Coopers Kingdom Rosehip, Roo & Chondroitin Meal Booster

Earth friendly tin and eco friendly biodegradable bamboo spoon.

The Coopers Kingdom Rosehip, Roo & Chondroitin Meal Booster was lovingly curated for those that value taking a holistic and natural approach to canine nutrition. The hand blended and formulated meal booster is Coopers Kingdom's finest anti inflammatory meal booster for general health and joint wellbeing. 

Rosehip is known for protecting and rebuilding cartilage, immune system support, and improving coat quality and the prevention of joint problems. Rosehip is a powerful antioxidant which is rich in vitamin C and a natural anti inflammatory, 100% pure and natural rosehip is known as natures best source of vitamin C.⠀

Chondroitin is packed full of Glucosamine Sulphate, Protein & Calcium. 

Kangaroo - Roo meat is high in antioxidants. Roo also has a high concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal. Kangaroo is a lean protein containing typically only contains around 2% fat.⠀


Rosehip, kangaroo and chondroitin & no nasties.



Maximum feed guide

less than 5kg - 5g

15-25kg - 5-8g

25kg+ - 12g


Intended for supplemental feeding only and is not considered veterinary medicine. 

Use in pregnant and lactating dogs is not recommended.