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Q What can the Nourishing Balm be used for?

A Our Nourishing Balm can help to soothe, nourish, repair and protect paws, noses and skin/coat.

Use for dry skin, dry paw pads, minor skin irritations, cuts & grazes, dry noses, itchy skin, & as a paw protector.

Nourishing Balm can also be used as a coat conditioning balm for a super soft & shiny coat.

Q Is the balm lick safe?

A Yes! Our Nourishing Balm is 100% lick safe as we use carefully selected dog safe high quality human grade ingredients. Every ingredient used in the dog balm is safe to be ingested in small amounts. 

Q Is the balm suitable for sensitive skin?

A We at Wildling Folk mindfully crafted our dog balm to be suitable for sensitive skin. Our balm is intentionally unscented and contains no essential oils. For dogs with sensitive skin we recommend you test the product on a small area of skin to start. As with anything, discontinue use immediately if you notice any irritation and/or adverse effects. 

Q How do I apply the balm?

A To apply the balm simply scoop a small amount of product from the jar and warm slightly between your fingertips. Gently massage into desired area. Try to discourage your dog from licking the balm off for a few minutes to allow for all of the nourishing goodness within the balm to deeply penetrate the skin and work to its maximum effect.


Q Is the soak lick safe?

A It is not recommended that dogs ingest significant amounts of Magnesium Chloride {the Magnesium Flakes component of the soak} as it is known to potentially cause digestive upset in dogs. 


Q Do you ship outside of Australia?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We currently only ship within Australia.

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