Coopers Kingdom Poop Powder

Coopers Kingdom Poop Powder

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Coopers Kingdom Poop Powder Supplement 100g

Earth friendly tin and eco friendly biodegradable bamboo spoon.


The Poop Powder Supplement was lovingly curated for dog lovers who value taking a natural and holistic approach to their dogs nutrition, health and wellness. Cooper's Kingdom handmade and formulated poop powder is a natural resolution to loose or hard stools.


Poop Powder - 

Encourages digestive regularity

Improves both hard and soft stools

Nutrient rich

Boosts immune health

Helps stimulate intestinal movements

Can help Anal gland issues



Human grade organic pumpkin, organic psyllium husk. 



Feed only as needed. Can be fed alone or mixed with water. Always ensure your dog has free access to fresh drinking water. May resolve stool issues within 10 - 72 hrs.

Maximum feed guide

less than 5kg - 5g

15-25kg - 5-8g

25kg+ - 12g


Intended for supplemental feeding only and is not considered veterinary medicine.